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  • Isabella Waite
    Isabella Waite

    Pls can someone tell me y delivery and ksi stopped talking

  • Liam Felicien
    Liam Felicien

    Ksi is the brother that gives that tough love when you need it fam

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    get to million likes

  • adamfrizitplayz898

    When deji is in your videos he looks fit but without shirt he's unfit

  • S Raja
    S Raja


    • Oooof Oooof
      Oooof Oooof

      Best part

  • Keks Pozitiv
    Keks Pozitiv

    4:15 violation

  • king mensa
    king mensa

    Humiliating your brother for likes, this is something you can sort in private but I guess money and likes is worth it 👌carry on mopet 🤐

  • Hoosier Daddy
    Hoosier Daddy

    Black people have to work four times as hard is so cap

    • Low Ceyn
      Low Ceyn

      @Hoosier Daddy Cuz Rap black. Even Eminem was raised by blacks Sounding so good it's what it made it popular not the skin color u dumbass

    • Hoosier Daddy
      Hoosier Daddy

      @Milez Moody that’s got nothing to do with their skin buddy, keep acting like that though, pretty sure every black rapper blew up pretty quick

    • Milez Moody
      Milez Moody

      @Hoosier Daddy it took Billie Ellish a couple years to win the same amount of grammys and more than Mariah Carey won in her whole career and we all know how hard Mariah works now TELL me that isnt hard work.

    • Hoosier Daddy
      Hoosier Daddy

      @shaq sure, give me one example in the modern day

    • shaq

      It isnt.

  • Madara Uchia
    Madara Uchia

    I don’t care what people say this was funny as hell

  •  Fire 父
    Fire 父

    “You got payrd

  • Clan Fortnite apex
    Clan Fortnite apex

    Rip Deji vinnie has pony tails

  • Lacion

    Deji 5x Harder this time and ate kfc 10x harder😂

  • Khime Magar
    Khime Magar

    It looked like Deji had trained very very very very very hard to win a eating contest.

  • Alif Azaman
    Alif Azaman

    KSI was very serious about this that i thought he's mad at me

  • Christian

    I cried and cried when deij lost😭

  • SuperSaood

    This video is all good however uh 7:40 isn't really true, why are you acting like you aren't normal

  • King Lee
    King Lee

    He lokey roasted him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ari Pg
    Ari Pg

    It feels like ksi is talking directly to me, reminding me to work harder since I’m a lazy ass mf

  • Frosted

    Damn.. Deji took an L and now you did as well

  • kelsi ann roberts
    kelsi ann roberts

    he really took a knee and said Jesus pls take the wheel hahhahah i weak

  • David Robert
    David Robert

    My respect for ksi He really love and care about his brother

  • grpt3k -
    grpt3k -


  • Panda Kun
    Panda Kun

    That hurt deji more than vinnie

  • iHezi x Tweed
    iHezi x Tweed

    I think KSI should train him

  • Lj Animation
    Lj Animation

    love this dude

  • waluigi

    I watched this before n exam and it inspired me to do more revision, I applied the idea of the ring being the exam hall and the working out to be preparation, thank you JJ this genuinely helped me

  • K K
    K K

    Ysah everything said was right but don't mention him being stuck in your shadows like he doesn't have any light of his own, don't be too caught up ab yourself that you dim everybody else's light. Some people's lights aren't as strong and they don't need any wint blown them out like the bs you put at the end of your vid

  • Logan Reign
    Logan Reign

    Deji is talented???? Ohhhh please.. I mean really bro what are you smoking..

    • Andrewnator_10

      Did you grow up with him?

    • Nba youngboy 4kt
      Nba youngboy 4kt

      My man barely trained and almost beat Jake 💀if his stamina was better Jakes career would’ve been over before it started

  • Thobinceba Gqabiya
    Thobinceba Gqabiya

    As a south African i love hearing Nelson Mandela but not like this 🤣🤣

  • Metal Raydown
    Metal Raydown

    The snorlax sent me 😂

  • GameZedd

    You're a black man so you need to work twice as hard as a normal person? What exactly is a "normal person" and why are black men excluded?

    • Metal Raydown
      Metal Raydown

      Yea I didn't like that part. Sure there's things about being black that make life harder, but you can say the same for being white or brown or mixed race or Asian. Everyone has their own circumstances and KSI got too carried away in his rant and spewed a bit of nonsense there

  • robbbylee rusby
    robbbylee rusby

    there’s being a brother and giving advice and than there is being an asshole to be funny. you went too hard.

    • Metal Raydown
      Metal Raydown

      It's a public video. Why would we want to hear a private chat between them with no extra elements ? That doesn't make for good entertainment. This garners views and it works like a charm if you look at the comments laughing their asses off at the jokes

  • courtney xan
    courtney xan

    bra i’m crying

  • 100 DOLLARS
    100 DOLLARS



    4:15 jesus christ cant even save you 😂😂😂👌✋

  • Bobby Bryan Ikogho
    Bobby Bryan Ikogho

    "Your stamina is worse that snorlax" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Austin Byrd
      Austin Byrd

      @Superchief 1212 what? Since when did you become the administrator of emojis? Why do you have to be an asshole over EMOJIS? Actually, why do you care?

    • Superchief 1212
      Superchief 1212

      😐😐😐😐😐😐using cry emoji wrong🤡

  • Clyde Daniel
    Clyde Daniel

    No this is violation

  • David Brown
    David Brown


  • RenaldoSeguin

    These youtubers and TikTokers need to do pro wrestling rather than boxing. That way they don’t have to fight for real. WWE took Logan Paul, they’ll take Deji.

  • Murad

    “ you said that you trained 5 times a day, where? In mcdonalds”😂

  • BearGaming

    Alternative Title: Calling Deji Fat for Ten Minutes

  • Miodrag Zivkovic
    Miodrag Zivkovic

    3:33 Angry Messi noises

  • Your mother whore
    Your mother whore

    Andy ruiz the destroyer viva mexicoo cabrones

  • James Marco
    James Marco

    someone tell ksi do train deji for boxing, how have ppl not thought of that

  • link

    I'm dead he said Snorlax 😆

  • xxDarkKnightxx9999

    KSI: you train five times a day where at McDonald’s

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Wanna know something people said Deji was Jake’s tougher opponent but for vinnie Deji was an easier target for him

  • Yolo Oloy
    Yolo Oloy

    Don’t worry guys JJ said it how it is for family

  • char 08
    char 08

    AJ after watching this video: "When'd that happen?"

  • Power

    He’s speaking the power of youth 😘

  • Matthew Gregory
    Matthew Gregory

    I'm not even from da UK bruv but dat you put black people a hunnit years bakc got me dying

  • Insert Username
    Insert Username

    About him getting payed lmao


    Ladies and Gentlemen FIbill is officially (Fixed)

  • Tejasvi Gulati
    Tejasvi Gulati

    It actually was a great speech for everyone to work hard. .... Not hust deji

  • awful neva
    awful neva

    “But let’s be real deji..” “You lost to an anime character..”

    • Lewis Cardoso
      Lewis Cardoso

      Vinnie Hacker looks exactly like Shulk, especially when shirtless.😂

  • lin k.
    lin k.

    "after that lost i slept and had a dream about me being in cotton foelds" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Dash22

    JJ has clearly been watching Chiseled Adonis with a lil bit of expressions oozing

  • chill guy
    chill guy

    8:06 🤣☠️ lmfao

  • Rio Koyikkara
    Rio Koyikkara

    There are thousands of languages in the world, but JJ decided to speak a language called "facts"

    • Lewis Cardoso
      Lewis Cardoso

      Underrated comment.

  • Bababooey

    idk why but if you pause it at 1:39 it looks like that its fucking dejis father and not deji

  • Yahye Ahmed
    Yahye Ahmed

    Instead of coaching him he roasting him

  • Javier Reyes
    Javier Reyes

    Omg i always agree wit jesus only help the people who wanna help themselves

  • Realcamp

    You trained five time a day and we get a junk food figure plz subscribe to mi channel Realcamp

  • Imaginewagons

    “Man said FUCK THAT he’s got the whole naruto pain theme behind him” 😂

  • CrispyCross -
    CrispyCross -


  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    This is such a good response. I would've been motivated if my brother said this. If only that were enough to motivate deji like it would most losers 😔😧

  • Ryan Heart
    Ryan Heart

    JJ reminds me of my big brother. When I did my first fight he was constant giving me advice, and more. We need it. It pushes us for more.



  • Ant Epic
    Ant Epic



    well looks like deji wants to spoil jj's name

  • Mary Makoma
    Mary Makoma

    U trained 5times a day where in McDonalds 😂😂😂

  • paxon elyaderani
    paxon elyaderani

    4:05 holy fuck lmao

  • Dfizzle Beatz
    Dfizzle Beatz

    at this point we need ksi to train deji. he’ll win every time if he did

  • Anil Caner Arici
    Anil Caner Arici

    Bro big fan but you grew up rich so thats cap bro

  • Srinikhil Videos
    Srinikhil Videos

    Well i guess Deji made the wrong decision to take the TV remote from jj. Rest In Peace, king.

  • Agent 6
    Agent 6

    Black clown

  • Andrejjj

    0:05 well not anymore Hopefully the fighers get paid soon...

  • Khalid Alhajri
    Khalid Alhajri

    You should revenge for your family bro

  • Ayodeji Dawodu
    Ayodeji Dawodu

    How did he still manage to make this video funny

  • Ash Mohd
    Ash Mohd

    "trained 5 times a day? ... Where!? In McDonald's!?" Ffs

  • Ash Mohd
    Ash Mohd

    "After 2 rounds, you did the knee for BLM" fuck sake 😂

    • Cassie

      “You said you trained five times a day. Where? McDonald’s” 😂

  • Vivek Sidhdhapura
    Vivek Sidhdhapura

    Does anyone else use this video as a motivation?

  • Guxim Curri
    Guxim Curri

    Deji lost to an anime kid Bruh

  • Ryex Tech
    Ryex Tech

    'you worked out 5 times a day at mcdonalds" lol

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _

    Lord ksi 🙄 what a ego

  • Diego

    did something happened between KSI and Deji that they dont talk?

  • Kaden Ward
    Kaden Ward

    Big brother moment

  • Steel_cow

    He's speaking FAX!!

  • sethromandean

    00:05 well about that

  • Babatunde


  • Filip Lica
    Filip Lica

    Ok maybe a Little to much

    • rogue

      No thats his brother he has too be real because he knows deji well and like ksi said people just boosting his ego when he not doing nothing

  • Ghena Ramadan
    Ghena Ramadan

    Honestly, after you’re whole life of you guys being brothers, i think you’re words shouldn’t get to Deji, you tried and did help him, he took it the right way for once! You’re not being harsh, you’re speaking fax, you know what and who your saying and talking bout.

  • Annie Preston
    Annie Preston


  • Loomi

    “You said you trained five times a day. Where? McDonald’s” 😂

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      My little brother gets so offended when I tell him to work towards his goals. SENDING THIS TO HIM

  • Niko Motzkus
    Niko Motzkus

    True words

  • Random101

  • Grace Pereira
    Grace Pereira

    My little brother gets so offended when I tell him to work towards his goals. SENDING THIS TO HIM

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur

    Best Brother Ever but.... Poor Deji :((

  • xNathanOG

    Tbh. This speech was pointed mostly towards Deji but I think many other people needed this.

7 milj.